We need 10,000 people to donate a dollar each to aide in the library completion.


Give us a book you've read, and we will give it to other children to read.



A typical school day in many rural areas in East Africa is full of challenges. Children taking classes under trees; overcrowded classrooms; dilapidated facilities, inadequate reading and learning materials – children sharing course books, sometimes up to 5 or 6 per book. Indeed there are efforts to address some of these challenges (by government, donors, community groups, private sector, philanthropists etc).

Kenneth Okwaroh, born and raised up in rural Nyando, Kisumu county Kenya endured these challenges. Today he is a Researcher and analyst in public policy. He has had the opportunity and privilege to travel the world and see how access to information can transform lives. He imagines how much his life would be different if only he had the chance that early in life. Okwaroh returns to the village he grew up to find children still experiencing the same challenges he had to deal with two decades ago.

Okwaroh has dedicated his time, energy and resources to help children schooling in rural hard to reach areas in East Africa to overcome these changes and realize their true potential. He is in a mission to put a book in the hands of each and every disadvantaged school going rural kid. As a first step, he seeks to set up a small library in Kisumu county Kenya. He requires 10 thousand book titles and 10 thousand US dollars to develop a property donated by two veteran educationists in a library

Okwaroh is appealing to 10,000 people across the globe to each donate one book and/or one US dollar (US$1) to help him accomplish this initial part of his mission.



Please give us a book

Share with us books you have read; books your children have read; books you can spare. Any titles from math, to literature, art, politics to science. Wherever you are, whatever you have, just let us know. We have been saving and continue to fundraise so as to put in some resources for shipment.We have targeted to collect 10,000 titles to equip this first library.

Please donate a dollar (US$)

We have been mobilising resources over the past 2 months. We have secured an unfinished property – donated by 2 veteran educationists in Kisumu County that we hope to develop into the library. We need US$ 10,000 dollars to finish the building and interior layout. We are asking 10,000 people to give us a dollar each to make this happen.




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