A day with KCPE candidates

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It was precisely 3 days; OR 72 hrs OR 576 mins OR 3,456 secs to this year KCPE.

The Kenyan public education system; that takes Eight (8) years and boils down to that one (1) examination; the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) – which determines the high school you admitted to; & which profoundly determines what your life looks like after.

Team www.giveokwarohabook.org hang out with 95 KCPE candidates at Kodhiambo, Ogwodo and Waware Primary schools – rural Kisumu County on Friday, 31st October 2014. Even as we marshal resources to set them up the library – we provided examination materials – geometrical sets, clip boards, pencils etc. The team  fired them up with some serious inspirational/motivational speeches. They couldn’t hide the joy! They will not use carton box and 4 inch pencils this year!!!

Thank you all for your kindness; and continued support.

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