A day with KCPE candidates

It was precisely 3 days; OR 72 hrs OR 576 mins OR 3,456 secs to this year KCPE.

The Kenyan public education system; that takes Eight (8) years and boils down to that one (1) examination; the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) – which determines the high school you admitted to; & which profoundly determines what your life looks like after.

Team hang out with 95 KCPE candidates at Kodhiambo, Ogwodo and Waware Primary schools – rural Kisumu County on Friday, 31st October 2014. Even as we marshal resources to set them up the library – we provided examination materials – geometrical sets, clip boards, pencils etc. The team  fired them up with some serious inspirational/motivational speeches. They couldn’t hide the joy! They will not use carton box and 4 inch pencils this year!!!

Thank you all for your kindness; and continued support.


Giving Okwaroh a book: Inching closer Inching CLOSER!!!

We are taking this moment to say thank you to everyone who has wished us well; encouraged us; suggested awesome, brilliant ideas; donated BOOKs, given generously. We do not take continuous support for granted.

You guys have DONE-IT great thus far. By this morning – Friday 10th October, 2014; we had collected 4,020 books and €1,022 (Ksh112,420), Just about 6,000 and 6,000 book titles away from our target.

Good News:

The awesome folks at The Cheetar Fund have committed to provide the rest of the funding (€6000 – Ksh660,000) we need to complete the first library in kisumu, Kenya if we crowd source 30% (Ksh189,860) within the next 29 days. Help us raise the 30% – go to: –!/projects/give-okwaroh-a-book.

Let us finish this! The little we can donate (boblets, coins) Ksh100; US$1; €20 make the difference. And remember it is all about getting a book in the hands of a bright and needy child in rural Kenya.

Tell us where you are if you have books you would like to donate – we will arrange and come pick them.


Meanwhile: won €250 for being the best pitched idea; and Team GOAB’s – Bitriz Codero and Kenneth Okwaroh for being the Boot-campers of the day at the 1% Club-Cheetah fund hosted at Nailab, Nairobi – Kenya on Thursday 9th October 2014.

We will get a book in the hands of those children – I give you my WORD

Aluta continua

“Education has become a very powerful weapon in the struggle to produce a well-developed person” – Nelson Mandela



I kid you NOT. Books have transformed my life!

0500 hrs on Thursday 17th April, as I did my routine morning run, this day along the river Avon in Bristol. I ran past a glass wall and had a glimpse of myself. And it caught me by surprise how so much had changed yet inside I still felt like the little boy I was 2 decades ago.

How did that nobody, that little boy with so little to smile about leap from the humility of barefoot, mud wadding upbringings in Nyando to this well manicured Bristol waterway? How did these two worlds, extreme apart so suddenly seem so linked up and synchronised like I have lived Bristol all my life? I ran past people; black, white – yankee, oriental, Zulu, European and it seemed so normal, like they couldn’t notice the humility in my being. How did I get here?

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The truth about giving – A letter from me to me

Dear Okwaroh,

You can catch feelings for as long as you so wish, but this is the stark reality about giving. This is how life is cracked up to be:

1. Do not expect people you find privilege to help or develop to share a commensurate amount of enthusiasm to help others, especially you

2. Those you help, fix might not necessarily be in a position to fix others, especially you. However, there is someone somewhere who will be inspired to help you – and they must not know you

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